Gold CSCS Card

This card is available if you have completed a NVQ/SVQ level 3 or 4 in your occupation or occupational works/site supervision.

Gold CSCS Card

Why get a Gold CSCS Card?

This level of card is intended for Advanced Craft and Supervisors within the construction industry.

If you achieve an NVQ/SVQ Level 3 for Advanced Craft or an Occupational Supervision or a level 4 for Site Supervision, you will be eligible for a Gold CSCS.  This will show employers that you have the capability to supervise personnel in a construction environment.

Do I Qualify?

Most people qualify for a Gold CSCS card by gaining work experience as a Supervisor in the construction industry and gaining the following:

Level 3 (Occupational Work Supervisor), Level 3 (Advanced Craft) or Level 4 (Site Supervisor) SVQ/NVQ in construction Pass the Supervisory Health & Safety Test

Valid for 5 Years


Demonstrate Skills

Increase your Level

Gold CSCS Card Construction Supervisor

What are the next steps?

Many gold card holders seek higher NVQ or SVQ qualifications. If you achieve a Level 6 Management NVQ or SVQ, you will be eligible for a Black (Manager) CSCS Card.

Official CITB directory

CSCS Card Finder

Once you have completed your NVQ and have an upto date Health and safety test,  you will be able to apply for the suitable CSCS card. 

You can use the CITB CSCS Card Finder to help you decide which CSCS card to apply for and which CITB Health, Safety & Environment test you need to pass based on your occupation.


Once you have successfully completed your industry-recognised qualification you will be able to apply for other types of cards, from red to green, blue, gold and black. 

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